What can you expect that is different at HLCS than other public or independent schools?

This is what our staff, parent and alumni say …

Christian education and Faith formation

Students learn in an environment that lives out the Christian faith and invites them to participate in God’s story for their lives. Prayer, Chapel and daily devotion are routine habits and ways that our teachers and staff engage with our students.

Differentiated learning

We go the extra mile to ensure our students are learning at their threshold. From diagnostic assessments to individual education plans to our differentiated math platoons, students will maximize learning wherever they are starting from. Specialized Education Assistants support learning for those who need extra help.

“Every student was an absolute joy to teach, and I was blown away by their enthusiasm and positive attitudes. The teachers were incredibly friendly and welcoming, creating a warm and supportive environment for everyone.”

– Volunteer

Smaller class sizes

Personal attention for each student is important for understanding student needs and providing personal instruction. Class sizes are kept intentionally smaller to allow daily one-to-one student-teacher interaction.

Unique learning experiences

Yes, there are plenty of field trips and other extracurricular learning activities. However, there are some activities unique to our school that provide exceptional opportunities for academic, personal and spiritual growth. Here are some examples: