At HLCS, our utmost dedication lies in fostering an environment that cherishes and embraces every child’s individuality, ensuring they are fully known and cared for.

Additionally, we strive to maintain a consistent and robust program that spans the early years, as we firmly believe that these formative educational stages lay the groundwork for a rich and successful school experience ahead. Our elementary curriculum is specially designed to prioritize the development of essential foundational skills and bolster self-assurance, all while instilling a lifelong passion for learning from an early age.


  • A nurturing and hospitable environment: all children are welcomed and loved
  • A positive behaviour teaching emphasis
    • Respect
    • Encouragement
    • Adoration and
    • Love.
  • Character development: knowing who God is and what He has called us to be
  • Strong literacy skill development using best practices from grade to grade
  • Systematic reading program supported by librarian
  • Differentiated math instruction
  • Multi-age level learning opportunities
  • Specialized instruction in music, French, and PE
  • High level of staff collaboration

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