Raising a young adolescent reveals an extraordinary phase of life, marked by the initial steps towards independence and self-discovery.

It is during this transformative period that students start asking profound questions about existence, seek their purpose in the world, and navigate the intricacies of relationships. The middle years embody remarkable growth in physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social dimensions. At HLCS, our middle school program not only reinforces the foundational skills acquired in elementary school but also provides an environment for students to explore their unique talents and discern their calling. While cultivating a strong foundation of study and learning skills, we gently guide and challenge students towards recognizing their potential as responsible leaders.


  • Homeroom teacher who knows her/his students well and is passionate about this age group
  • Specialized teachers in PE, Music, Art, French
  • Skill-building in planning, organization and studying
  • Increased and graduated independence
  • Leadership development and service opportunities
  • Partnership with Courage for Youth to support students to think critically, feel deeply and act wisely to build trustworthy character
  • Mini-electives; short-term explorations in the Arts, Applied skills and Design
  • Homework Club to reinforce good learning habits
  • Grade 8 bridging into the high school years

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